Bronka Giurova is born in Shumen, Bulgaria, in the first day of 1910. A few years later, her family moves to Varna, where she attends elementary and secondary school.

In 1927, she is accepted into the Academy of Visual Arts in Sofia.

In 1937, she studies a Masters program in the Superior School of Illustration in Brussels, Belgium. Afterwards, she returns to Bulgaria and takes part of collective exhibitions both in her home country and abroad.

Her first solo exhibition is organized in In 1942 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 1947, after World War II, she marries Bulgarian painter Eliezer Alcheh.

In the after-war period, the atmosphere and working conditions become very hostile, since they belonged to the formalist artist collective called The New Ones, whose work and ideas weren’t accepted by the ideological demands of the communist regime that ruled Bulgaria. A decree by the Soviet Union expels them from the Painters Union, also making any artistic activity or work outside the Union impossible. The circumstances made it impossible to live there. Her husband, Eliezer Alcheh, had already been persecuted during the war for being Jewish, and he was once again forced to stop his artistic activities. In this context, they decide to leave Bulgaria in 1951.

They leave for Milan, and live there for about a year. In 1952, they arrive to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, in a prosperous country, they had relatives, and Alcheh knew the language.

In 1955, Giurova’s first solo exhibition is organized at the Müller gallery in Buenos Aires. She continues working in applied arts, painting fabric designs and giving painting lessons.

In 1979, the Painters Union of Bulgaria organizes a solo show of her works in Sofia, in their own building, mending the past expulsion of the Union.

A few years later, she is invited to Bulgaria again, to take part of a collective exhibition of Bulgarian painters living abroad. She returns to the country of her affections regularly.

In 1995, she passes away in Buenos Aires.